Friday, 24 August 2012

3 Austria to welcome MVNOs (for Orange deal)

The EU are reviewing documentation submitted by 3 Austria detailing how the MNO will provide access to its network for new Austrian MVNOs. The move comes as part of a regulatory appeasement process whereby 3 (Hutch) wants to acquire the bigger network, Orange. This would take the Austrian down to three MNOs from the current 4.

The soon to be launched MVNO Directory 2012 shows that there are 6 operations active within the MVNO market in Austria, 3 of which run across Orange's network. 3 hosts none. There are also a further 7 branded operations with the appearance of being MVNOs, but are actually MNO operations by another name. Including Yesss!, a brand of Orange being sold off to A1 (MNO), if the regulator allows this. The deal constitutes roughly 700,000 Orange (Yesss!) subscribers. 

3 has steered clear of this fake MVNO market too, relying solely on its own name.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Invitel looks at Hungary MVNO again

Broadband TV News has cited local sources claiming that Invitel is looking at entering the MVNO market. This would take the triple play operator into the quad play market but until it launches just stay calm. The company was also cited back in September 2009 as about to join the MVNO market but failed to do so.

Mid Europa Partners took full control of the operator in 2010. Invitel owns one of Hungary’s most state-of-the-art proprietary optical trunk networks, whose total length reaches 8500 km. 

Rami Levy signs 67,000

Globes has reported that the Israeli supermarket MVNO, Rami Levy, has reached 67,000 subscribers as of June 2012. The service launched December 2011 and targets their existing supermarket client base.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Softly does it in Wichita for Chit Chat

John Hennessy of Chit Chat Holdings and Jim Alfonsin of Sprint have confirmed (via that the two have entered into a reseller agreement for mobile service. Chit Chat will go live in Wichita initially with a pay as you go mobile offer. 

The site states: "Hennessy expects to launch Chit Chat’s Wichita service in September, and launch services in the Missouri, Texas and New Mexico stores in the fourth quarter. He hopes to expand into 10 more markets in the first quarter of 2013."

So launching in September, operating on Sprint, hitting the pre pay market. 

Radioshacking up or not?

I hate giving attention to these massively overly hyped ad overly talked about MVNO possibles. I avoid like the plague every time the Apple or Google rumour jumps into action, but it does seem that Radio Shack are going to enter the mobile market. 5th September, coming to a retail unit near you (if you're in the USA), a RadioShack MVNO. What's the zing factor? That something to make the masses bin their current SIMs for a RadioShack SIM? Well, no one knows. It's all rumour .. or leak ... leaked rumour.

Virgin Mobile goes live with Polish MVNO

The Virgin Mobile brand wagon has now launched operations in Poland ... following on from the UK, USA, Canada, Austrialia, France, South Africa, India, Qatar and erm shhh Singapore. The last one did not go so well, hence why it's not part of press releases. 

The group's offering to Poland is a pre-pay plan via Play. Good luck to them though, checking our database (Poland's update to be updated) shows us that 21 MVNOs have already beaten Virgin to the market, plus another 9 branded ventures by MNOs, of which there are 6. 

GaduAir left the market over the last year and although UPC looks keen to enter to the market, Virgin Mobile is our only recorded launch since we last updated the database. So ... that brings the Polish mobile market to 36 offerings (21 via MVNOs and 15 via MNOs). The new MVNO Directory is expected early October.