Thursday, 14 June 2012

GiffGaff Gaff - NOT an MVNO (if we're being fair about this)

GiffGaff launched and marketing departments bigged up the "MVNO's" interesting and different approach of running the operation. We sat back and chewed over GiffGaff and concluded it is not an MVNO, it is a brand of an MNO. Yes the company is legally its own company, but it is owned by o2, the network it operates over. 

Cynically we decided it could not be an MVNO as it does not have that ultimate independence of turning its back on the MNO and taking the client base elsewhere. If it can not do that then it is not a seperate existence to the parent company, it is a marketing venture by which the parent is targeting a niche without losing revenue. So seeing this article in The Register made us feel a bit relieved, since everyone else seems to be calling GiffGaff the best MVNO of year! GiffGaff chose not to register itself with the Information Commissioner's Office as they felt their parent's registration covered them ... so they too see them self as one, not two?

-- giffgaff wins Best MVNO ... but who are we to argue with the fact they are the best MVNO? (be it on a different definition to what we class an MVNO to be).

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Numerex and Transatel collaborate on M2M solution deployment in Europe

ATLANTA, June 13, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Numerex Corp NMRX -0.52% , a leading single source provider of secure machine-to-machine (M2M) products and services, announced today they are laying the groundwork for a key strategic initiative with Transatel, a leading European Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) and European M2M Connectivity Enabler.

Under the agreement, Numerex and Transatel contemplate delivering a unique set of M2M product and service capabilities in Europe. The European M2M market is developing at a rapid pace, and the combination of Numerex FAST® horizontal M2M application platform, vertical M2M applications and M2M integration support services is an ideal complement to Transatel's managed M2M connectivity service.

Transatel provides a cloud-based connectivity management solution, addressing the challenges raised by M2M services by supporting capabilities such as an increased flexibility in tariffs definitions, fleet-oriented subscription management and advanced reports to monitor usage and KPI. "Our customers have been clamoring for M2M solutions, and this partnership is about delivering secure, reliable solutions that drive Return on Investment. Numerex's depth of experience combined with the best M2M platform in the industry make them the ideal partner to enable Transatel's success in this rapidly growing market," said Jacques Bonifay, CEO of Transatel.

Numerex can manage the entire M2M solution building process, from conceptualization to commercialization, including application development, integration and implementation, allowing customers to focus on their core business. In addition to its robust M2M horizontal platform, Numerex provides end-to-end customer and technical support such as flow-through account management, 24/7 call-center support, and dedicated project launch resources to ensure smooth deployments and overall reliability.

"The collaboration with Transatel has the promise of facilitating the rapid and effective delivery of market-leading M2M solutions serving the needs of mobile operators, MVNOs and enterprises across a range of industry verticals," said Jeff Newman, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Numerex. "It will leverage the first European MVNE multi-country connectivity capabilities and innovative technology."