Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Virgin Mobile goes live with Polish MVNO

The Virgin Mobile brand wagon has now launched operations in Poland ... following on from the UK, USA, Canada, Austrialia, France, South Africa, India, Qatar and erm shhh Singapore. The last one did not go so well, hence why it's not part of press releases. 

The group's offering to Poland is a pre-pay plan via Play. Good luck to them though, checking our database (Poland's update to be updated) shows us that 21 MVNOs have already beaten Virgin to the market, plus another 9 branded ventures by MNOs, of which there are 6. 

GaduAir left the market over the last year and although UPC looks keen to enter to the market, Virgin Mobile is our only recorded launch since we last updated the database. So ... that brings the Polish mobile market to 36 offerings (21 via MVNOs and 15 via MNOs). The new MVNO Directory is expected early October.