Friday, 10 August 2012

UK Post Office wants mobile too (open for speculation)

Mobile Today has reported that the UK Post Office is seeking a partner for an MVNO. Why? The theory is they will attract customers from Tesco, Virgin and other MVNOs, according to Strategy Analytics director Neil Mawston. Shaun Collins, Managing Director of CCS Insight, said "I suspect we will increasingly see more and more large household brands like the Post Office consider entry into the MVNO market and the related services that offers."

All in all I do not see this being a game changer. I am surprised that it has taken the Post Office such a long time to get to this point, especially with the white label MVNO market flooding consumer choices. The Post Office missed the opportunity to be big in the mobile market by several years as the UK is now well covered across niches that do not even exist. I really hope any business plan they embark upon goes beyond pushing mobiles at a seniors sector who do not want and will not use mobile phones (yes many do, but targeting technology refusers is not a business model).