Thursday, 16 August 2012

Simple Karma agreement USA

PRWEB: Karma has signed up to Simplexity's MVNE services to provide it with access to the Clearwire network.

Who's who? Karma are a yet to be launched pre-pay wireless hot spot offering. Simplexity is an MVNE providing access to Clearwire's nationwide mobile broadband network. Clearwire is US WiMAX company offering mobile broadband services. Clearwire's biggest shareholder is Sprint.

The big difference with Karma is the users offering their connection as a WiFi hotspot in return for free allowances: "...Karma is introducing a new approach to data plans with ... pay-as-you-go data packages ... without the 2-year commitment. ... step further with its unique ‘social bandwidth’ ... allowing users to turn their Karma hotspots into open Wi-Fi networks. When a new user joins, they are taken to a personalized page about the owner of the nearby hotspot. Strangers can then sign in with their Facebook account and immediately get 100MB... For every user who does that, the owner of Karma gets 100MB... The more a user shares his Karma connection, the more free data he earns."