Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Republic Wireless calls up Wave B, launches Motorola DEFY XT

As detailed on their blog, Republic Wireless has declared its initial testing phase a success and is rolling out Wave B.

"With Wave A, we gathered real-world proof that our $19 unlimited price is not only compelling but sustainable too. Based on that, we embarked on an audacious expansion.

In relatively short order, we brought together a large team of brilliant engineers, operations experts and support pros. We built out robust systems designed to scale. We engaged several handset manufacturers in rigorous development and testing cycles in search of the best device for our community. And critically, we enlisted partners to establish our supply chain and fine tune core processes. The first visible elements of our work emerged last week, with the rollout of our new community platform and MyAccount portal.

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce the brand new Motorola DEFY XT with republic’s proprietary Hybrid Calling technology.

We’re proud to be the first to offer it in the US. It’s a great phone, and it’s incredibly durable. Does that matter? You bet. If you’re like me, you’ve ruined at least one phone in water or shattered it on pavement. With the DEFY XT, you don’t have to worry about expensive replacements and insurance policies. This phone is the real deal, with Corning Gorilla Glass and an IP67 Rating for solid particle and water resistance."