Friday, 24 August 2012

3 Austria to welcome MVNOs (for Orange deal)

The EU are reviewing documentation submitted by 3 Austria detailing how the MNO will provide access to its network for new Austrian MVNOs. The move comes as part of a regulatory appeasement process whereby 3 (Hutch) wants to acquire the bigger network, Orange. This would take the Austrian down to three MNOs from the current 4.

The soon to be launched MVNO Directory 2012 shows that there are 6 operations active within the MVNO market in Austria, 3 of which run across Orange's network. 3 hosts none. There are also a further 7 branded operations with the appearance of being MVNOs, but are actually MNO operations by another name. Including Yesss!, a brand of Orange being sold off to A1 (MNO), if the regulator allows this. The deal constitutes roughly 700,000 Orange (Yesss!) subscribers. 

3 has steered clear of this fake MVNO market too, relying solely on its own name.