Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Sprint Single Source Enablement, no MVNE needed

Sprint is opening up its network to more MVNOs in what seems to be a push for strong brands rather than technical players. The MNO has launched what it calls Single Source Enablement. This means that potential MVNOs have the option of letting Sprint run everything mobile about the operation and just the winning and keeping of subscribers left to the MVNO. 

“Sprint Wholesale & Emerging Solutions provides award-winning account and operational support, not to mention all-new, nationwide 3G and 4G LTE networks that will position our customers to deliver better overall performance today and into the future,” said Matt Carter, president, Global Wholesale & Emerging Solutions. “Sprint goes above and beyond our competitors to ensure each customer’s success, as we employ a hands-on and collaborative approach to help each MVNO venture thrive.”

With the addition of Single Source Enablement, Sprint has developed three different Wireless Enablement Solutions to meet the varying needs of its wholesale MVNO customers. Sprint’s product offering and implementation support allows each MVNO the freedom to focus on growing their business in a meaningful way.

Sprint has other Wireless Enablement packages for MVNOs that crave more control, including:

Standard Enablement Model
MVNOs seeking the maximum amount of control over operations, care, support and logistics should look no further than the Traditional Enablement Model. The MVNO uses in-house resources or outsources to third parties for specific business functions. Complexity and cost are higher in this model, but MVNOs have maximum control.

Joint Enablement Model
Sprint simplifies and manages many of the complex rating and invoicing systems and processes required for wireless operations. Other business functions, such as customer care and the warehousing and distribution of devices, are still managed by the MVNO.