Thursday, 5 July 2012

Samba time for mobile broadband in the UK

New to the UK is Samba Mobile. The service operates across 3's network and offers mobile broadband in exchange for subscribers watching adverts. Each advert watched earns the watcher browsing time for use with their mobile broadband SIM. The service works via iPads and via a USB dongle only available from Samba, at a cost of GBP 25. 

The mobile ISP has rules out subscribers being allowed to watch porn on the go using their service or anything breaching copyrights. 

Blyk tried an ad model MVNO before and failed. The noteable difference this time is the operators unblinkered approach to the market. Blyk was a close niche trendy little operator where subscribers were invited and the young were only targeted. This in turn lead to the advertising model not coining enough and all of Blyk's operations (as MVNOs) vanished. So can this start up gather a massive chunk of mobile broadband users and turn a profit from adverts?