Thursday, 14 June 2012

GiffGaff Gaff - NOT an MVNO (if we're being fair about this)

GiffGaff launched and marketing departments bigged up the "MVNO's" interesting and different approach of running the operation. We sat back and chewed over GiffGaff and concluded it is not an MVNO, it is a brand of an MNO. Yes the company is legally its own company, but it is owned by o2, the network it operates over. 

Cynically we decided it could not be an MVNO as it does not have that ultimate independence of turning its back on the MNO and taking the client base elsewhere. If it can not do that then it is not a seperate existence to the parent company, it is a marketing venture by which the parent is targeting a niche without losing revenue. So seeing this article in The Register made us feel a bit relieved, since everyone else seems to be calling GiffGaff the best MVNO of year! GiffGaff chose not to register itself with the Information Commissioner's Office as they felt their parent's registration covered them ... so they too see them self as one, not two?

-- giffgaff wins Best MVNO ... but who are we to argue with the fact they are the best MVNO? (be it on a different definition to what we class an MVNO to be).