Tuesday, 14 June 2011

SIMPLE Mobile is making their $50 prepaid plan UNLIMITED

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"SIMPLE Mobile's existing $50 prepaid plan has been rebranded the $50 Unlimited Nationwide Talk, Text & Web plan. Previously, this plan only included 100MB's of data, which just wasn't enough for many customers. The new plan has unlimited data service at 2G speeds, making it a great option for customers looking for an unlimited data plan for basic web surfing, sending picture messages and checking their email without breaking the bank. SIMPLE Mobile continues to provide a $60 Unlimited Talk, Text, and High Speed Web plan for those who want to unleash the full power of the web at up to 4G wireless speeds."

Tim Garrett, SVP of marketing for SIMPLE Mobile. "Like all of our prepaid plans, the $50 option has none of the hidden fees, background checks or lengthy commitments you expect from other carriers. Pop in a SIMPLE Mobile SIM card, activate it and you're good to go."