Wednesday, 8 June 2011

60,000 wholesale Lightyear clients to Sprint

Verizon has lost 60,000 wholesale clients to Sprint, following Lightyear’s decision to sign a 5 year MVNO contract with Sprint. The operator originally signed up to Verizon’s Wholesale Mobility Solutions suite back in July 2008. Then CEO of Lightyear, Sherman Henderson III, said at the time: “Single-source service bundles mean convenience, simplicity and value to both the business and residential customers that Lightyear Network Solutions serves nationwide … Our agreement with Verizon Partner Solutions will enable us to deliver those benefits to our customers, backed by the power of the Verizon networks and the attentive customer care of Lightyear.”

Lightyear Network Solutions launches mobile agreement with Sprint (MVNO agreement expected to contribute to wireless growth – Press release – Lightyear Network Solutions (June 8, 2011)

Lightyear, a provider of data, voice and wireless telecommunication services to business and residential customers throughout North America, today announced that it has launched its MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) operations under a new five-year agreement with Sprint.

The contract allows Lightyear to partner directly with Sprint on new wireless products, and provide postpaid and prepaid mobile telephone products and service utilizing the Nationwide Sprint Network. The agreement provides numerous benefits for Lightyear, including a larger and improved selection of the newest Sprint wireless devices, quicker access to those products, greater flexibility regarding product and service offerings for Lightyear customers, and the ability to offer bundled Lightyear wireline and wireless products.

The MVNO agreement enables Lightyear to offer an enhanced suite of wireless products, while lowering its costs. Lightyear’s sales force will immediately begin offering these enhanced services under the MVNO agreement to its more than 60,000 customers.

Lightyear recently initiated a marketing program to increase its commercial business activities, and this agreement with Sprint will enable the company to expand its efforts with new and existing business customers, including the availability to offer new solutions such as fixed mobile convergence. The agreement will also provide benefits to residential customers who will have access to a broader selection of wireless handsets, including a number of phones with the increasingly popular Android operating system.

“We are pleased to announce the launch of our MVNO with Sprint, which has been a valuable Lightyear provider partner for a number of years,” said Stephen M. Lochmueller, Chief Executive Officer of Lightyear. “This MVNO agreement will contribute to our long-term strategy to increase our organic growth. We expect our wireless business to contribute to our growth and profitability in 2011, with increasing benefits in future years.”