Thursday, 12 May 2011

NarrowMinds opens Dutch MVNO market with T-Mobile

The Netherlands has somewhere between 16 and 17 million residents. Competing for their business are T-Mobile, KPN Mobile and Vodafone. Additionally there are 42 active MVNO operations also fighting for their share of this market. That figure does not include all the brands operated by MNOs but marketed as MVNOs, such as Ay Yildiz and Simyo.

NarrowMinds have already gone live with the MVNO, Simpathiek. The big question is can another new entry to the Dutch MVNO sector achieve gains? The firm is targeting returns on low subscriber numbers, which considering the saturation is perhaps the only profitable entry method left in The Netherlands. ARPU!

NarrowMinds opens Dutch MVNO market with T-Mobile - Press release - NarrowMinds (May 12, 2011)

NarrowMinds has reached an agreement with T-Mobile Netherlands to offer MVNE services over the T-Mobile network in The Netherlands. As an MVNE (Mobile Virtual Mobile Network Enabler) NarrowMinds allows customers to become a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) and offer mobile services under their own brand. NarrowMinds enhances these mobile network services with location based services and customer engagement and dialogue programs. NarrowMinds’ platform allows new entrants to become a successful MVNO even with a limited number of mobile users.

NarrowMinds uses a number of software platforms with a proven track record outside The Netherlands. These platforms allow NarrowMinds customers to deploy an MVNO quickly and cheaply. By opening the platform to developers and partners, NarrowMinds facilitates MVNO’s to develop new services for their end users.

Currently, there are approximately 50 [42 according to research conducted for The MVNO Directory, May 2011] active MVNO in The Netherlands. Companies, associations and brands can strengthen brand awareness with their own branded mobile network. Until now, starting an MVNO was difficult, time consuming and costly and only feasible with a large number of users. The NarrowMinds’ business model allows organizations to start an MVNO without high start-up costs and thus bringing it within reach of a lot more people. In addition, the time to market for an MVNO has been greatly reduced. In June NarrowMinds will become operational and offer its products and services.

Hans van Linschoten, General Manager of NarrowMinds: ‘Our customers ask for flexibility. Brands are eager to embrace relevant mobile connectivity, communities, apps, location based services and mobile payment. Deploying your own mobile brand puts you in the epicenter of these developments. The fact that T-Mobile supports us underscores their strategic vision.’

T-Mobile CEO in The Netherlands, Bart Weijermars comments: ‘T-Mobile spearheads innovative products and services. Also, T-Mobile’s network is among the best in Europe. This is an excellent starting point for cooperation with NarrowMinds.’