Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Jitterbug adds new handset to its kitty – USA

Jitterbug, a senior-focused MVNO of GreatCall, has added a new mobile phone to its portfolio, namely the ‘Samsung Jitterbug J’. The handset has various new features, such as Bluetooth support and the capability to send and receive text messages.

The handset costs USD 147 and also attracts a one-time set-up fee of USD 35. However, the one-time set-up fee will be waived for each additional user. There will be no contract fee, with the rate plans starting at USD 14.99 per month for 50 minutes of talk time.

Jitterbug aims to solicit business from those who have not plunged into 21st century technology and customer service. In an open letter hosted on the Jitterbug website, Arlene Harris, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors for GreatCall, states: “We set out to make everything simpler and friendlier - essentially going back to basics. Jitterbug service takes the familiar comforts of home service (like dial-tone to let you know you can make a call), adds a few of the really neat things cellular technology could do (like a rapid dialing from a contact list) and added the crème de la crème of personal service, operators who know your name and helpful information and can make calls for you, manage your phone service and more.”

Also founding the company was Dr. Martin Cooper, former director of Research and Development at Motorola, who is acclaimed as making the first cellular call and heading up the creation of the first mobile phone in 1973.