Thursday, 14 October 2010

MVNO, MVNE, and MNO Service Level Agreements (SLA)

The MVNO, MVNE, MNO service level agreement (SLA) report is designed to provide MVNOs, MNOs, MVNEs or service providers with an example SLA, modeled from real life operational MVNO SLAs, which can be customized and built upon to meet the needs of their service management requirements. With the increasingly competitive nature of consumer telecommunications market place, and the number wholesale MVNE providers multiplying over night, it has never been more important for MVNO, MNOs and MVNEs to ensure their technology and service management processes and procedures are 100% efficient.

This report will help MVNOs, MNOs and MVNEs ensure that the partners on which they rely, are performing at optimal efficiency for their business and delivering the highest Quality Of Service for their customers.

Friday, 23 April 2010

MVNO expansion over the last 4 years

The MVNO market has had its ups and downs in recent years. Virgin Mobile in the UK is now a quad-play provider, the US outfit has been bought by Sprint, the Canadian outfit has been bought by Bell and the South African outfit seems to be unable to take off.

Various other players have also fallen from the growth tree. EasyJet tried with EasyMobile in 3 countries across Europe, but found that they brought nothing new to the market. Blyk tried to create a new market by offering free mins and texts for adverts. This proved a great model for gaining subscribers, but not for making a business.

But beyond these headlines is a different reality. Since 2006 the amount of MVNOs in the world has increased by 99%, literally 0.4% away from 100% growth in terms of active operations.

Blycroft has published a new thought piece which provides a small insight into the difference between where the market was in 2006 and how it stands now. It can be downloaded from this link, 4 Years of MVNOs.