Thursday, 5 November 2009

TracFone rolls into Maryland – USA

In a further extension to its free phone for the poor government backed campaign, TracFone Wireless has made the scheme available to up to 400,000 residents of Maryland. The scheme is known as SafeLink Wireless and is now active in 19 states across the US.

Explaining how the offer works, Jose Fuentes, Director of Government Relations for TracFone, said: “We have based our entire [SafeLink] business model on the USD 10 subsidy we're able to get in most states to provide this service.” The USD 10 is paid out of the Federal Communications Commission's Universal Service Fund. The funds purpose is to increase access to telecommunications services in poor communities where access to such services simply would not occur otherwise.

5,000 Autopage clients billed in error – South Africa

Following what has been described as a database corruption, Altech Autopage Cellular incorrectly billed 5,000 of their 380,000 subscribers.

The company sells mobile subscriptions for all the MNOs in South Africa on a reseller basis but retains the management of the client relationship, including billing. Due to the database error the company incorrectly sent a duplication of the previous month’s accounts to be debited to the customers’ banks. Once the error had been realised Altech contacted the banks to have the debits cancelled, which in the majority of cases worked. 5,000 clients were billed for their previous month’s usage and as a result have not paid the correct balance. This figure included some clients who had cancelled their service and already paid their final bill.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Hits reported as bust but denies this – Spain

According to reports quoted as being from Movilonia, Hits Telecom has ceased their operation in Spain. The firm launched services in November of last year after acquiring a majority interest in Metrored Mobile. It is further alleged that the operator has been unable to pay its suppliers.

Counter to this the operator says the report is in error and visiting the company’s website there is still an operational business.