Saturday, 12 September 2009

Edeka Mobile offers unlimited calls to fixed lines - Germany

Discount mobile service provider Edeka Mobile is offering unlimited calls to domestic fixed lines for EUR 9.99 per month. The service is available online and uses Vodafone’s network.

Subscribers can order a SIM card for EUR 9.99 which comes with EUR 10 of included call time. Alternatively a bulk buy family box is on offer for EUR 29.99 which comes with 4 SIMs which each have EUR 10 of credit.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

ONO goes lives – Spain

Spanish cable operator ONO, has become an MVNO too with its launch of mobile services. ONO are offering 2 calling plans to subscribers, namely Plan Diario (pre-pay service) and Tarifa Plana (monthly subscription plan). The service launched over Telefonica’s network.

Pre-pay prices are EUR 0.10 per minute for cross network calls and EUR 0.05 pre minute for ONO to ONO calls. The post pay service is priced at EUR 15 per minutes for which the subscriber will receive 500 minutes for anytime and any network use.

Within Spain Telefonica runs its own MVNO brand, namely Abbla. Telefonica trails behind Orange which according to The MVNO Directory has the most MVNO partnerships in the country. reduces mobile Internet tariff – Germany

Following on from last week’s netbook offer for EUR 1, has cut its contract price. The mobile Internet virtual operator has reduced the two year contract price to EUR 24.95 from EUR 34.95 for the length of the contract. Prior to this the offer was available only for the first three months of service. The offer expires at the end of September.

The netbook offer is not available in combination with the discount offer.

Lycamobile pre-pay pays off – United Kingdom

It has become the norm for MNOs to focus on high ARPU levels and reduced levels of churn. Their method for doing this for several years has been the 18 month and 24 month contract, potentially with a Wii or TV chucked in for new subscribers. With UK consumers feeling the pinch from unemployment, a lack of credit and rising energy bills, a mass move to pre-pay has been suggested by Lycamobile.

Lycamobile Chief Executive Officer, Milind Kangle commented: “In these uncertain economic times consumers are increasingly looking for flexible products without long term financial commitments. Lycamobile’s ultra low price, high quality, service fits perfectly with the demands of our cash conscious consumers, a key reason for the momentum in our growth rate.“

Figures back up this statement with the MVNO reaching its first year target of 1.2 million subscribers. Lycamobile has also stated that 80% of calls made from its network terminate at international destinations, validating its claim of being the UK’s leading ethnic MVNO, or at least international calling market MVNO.

Telemore and FatWire team up online – Denmark

Telmore, owned by TDC and operated over TDC’s network but as an MVNO, has signed up to the FatWire Content Server and FatWire Engage to maximise its web audience.

Finn Hessellund, Director of Online Sales for Telmore, commented: "In order to deliver a high-quality online experience for our visitors as efficiently as possible, we needed our non-technical staff to be able to directly create and manage content and targeted campaigns on our website. FatWire gives us the power to make the most of our business and technical resources and to use the web to maximize customer satisfaction, loyalty and eCommerce revenue."

FatWire Software provides Web Experience Management (WEM) solutions that enable organisations to deliver a rich online experience to users and to simplify management of their web presence.

Roam Simple launches roaming dual-SIM – Canada

A new roaming MVNO has launched services targeting the North American travelling market and claims to offer a discounted roaming rate up of to 90% less than traditional alternatives.

The service works on unlocked GSM phones and requires a SIM card from Roam Simple. On ordering subscribers receives 2 numbers, 1 for the country they are visiting and the other for an area within North America of their choice.

The service is a pre-pay operation and call charges are billed directly to the subscriber’s registered credit card.

Amin Jadavji, Managing Partner of Roam Simple has stated that the service will attract cost conscious customers looking to make savings when travelling abroad. The unknown factor is how many people will be willing to go to the effort of switching between their SIM and the roaming SIM while travelling and whether or not they will be willing to register for the service.

Also unknown is how much of a discount frequent travellers already receive from alternatives they have already sought, such as purchasing a second mobile in the foreign market. Assuming subscribers are happy with their domestic offering the chances of Roam Simple benefitting from churn would also be a tough challenge for the operation.

XOX teams up with youth radio – Malaysia

XOX has begun implementing its marketing communications plan by partnering with 988, a youth targeted national radio station. The MVNO which is soon to launch will sponsor the K6 drive time show which broadcasts Monday to Friday between 5pm and 8pm.

XOX Com’s President, Ng Kok Heng, said: “XOX Com is proud to be a partner with 988, as their demographics suit our target market of reaching out to the niche Chinese market. Overall, XOX Com will be sponsoring the Evening Drive Time Special, with 260 exciting programmes lined up for listeners [one year of service].”

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Ortel Mobile 3rd year incentives – Germany

European MVNO Ortel Mobile has arrived at its 3rd year of operation in the German mobile market. The company operates in multiple countries across Europe targeting Dutch immigrants and others interested in its ethnic targeted services.

The German operation is running a campaign called “All good things come in 3s” to mark its 3 year anniversary, the campaign incentivises its dealer network and runs from 3rd September to 3rd October.

MVNOs look for 3G status – Thailand

Thai Mobile will soon upgrade its 2G network to offer a 3G broadband service. In response to this development the company has received 3 applications from MVNOs interested in running across the new network. The 3G upgrade is expected to go live at the start of December.

According to local reports from The Nation, TOT President Varut Suvakorn has named both Samart Corporation and 365 Communications as 2 of the interested parties. Sign off is expected by the end of September with the parties entering into non-disclosure agreements.

The upgrade is taking place on base stations in the Bangkok region, which will see approximately 500 base stations upgraded. Network capacity will run to 500,000 subscribers of which TOT hopes to fill 100,000 of by the end of December.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

FRiENDi Mobile expands out of the capital – Oman

What seems like any other opening ceremony for a shop has marked a step up for FRiENDi Mobile. The MVNO which recently launched services in Oman has now begun its rollout beyond the capital city of Muscat. FRiENDi has opened a store in Sohar 240 km outside of Muscat.

Antti Arponen, Chief Executive Officer of FRiENDi Mobile said: “Outside of Muscat, Sohar is our most important market in terms of size and target audience. The city's fast expansion and increasing number of expatriate workers means that FRiENDi Mobile has a lot to offer the residents of Sohar with our reduced international call rates and competitive local tariffs.”

Sohar has been targeted by the government for economic expansion beyond the country’s oil revenues. It will become a prominent and developing area within Oman and as a result will see an influx of foreign workers to its construction sector, a target group of FRiENDi.