Friday, 4 December 2009

Cable operators bypassing MVNO route – Spain

Spain’s telecom regulator is to auction additional spectrum in the 2.6Ghz range during Q1 2010. Ono, Euskaltel, R and Telecable are reportedly considering a team bid. The move would see the 4 cable based operators clubbing together in an attempt to provide mobile services without having to buy minutes and access from the established MNOs.

Being practical, this is somewhat of a messy idea. In France, Numericable and Virgin Mobile failed to fully bid in the French auction due to complications. With double the amount of operators in a single bid there will arguably be double the amount of complications. Euskatel also already has an active MVNO arrangement with Vodafone signed back in 2006. Spain also has a very established MNO market consisting of 4 operators. This includes France Telecom, Telefonica and Vodafone, being 3 of the biggest players in the mobile world.