Wednesday, 2 December 2009

XLN Telecom enters mobile market – United Kingdom

Gamma Telecom has signed up XLN Telecom as its first MVNO. The move will see XLN launch mobile services before the host MVNE, being Gamma, launches its own MVNO.

XLN is a London based fixed line provider targeting the SME sector (small-medium sized enterprise). The company, according to ‘mobile news’, has 125,000 existing clients who will be the initial targets of its MVNO business. Being an MVNO via an MVNE the need to sign up huge volumes of clients should not be as big an issue compared to a direct relationship with an MNO. XLN will become part of a collective of operators working for MNO ‘3’, via Gamma.

XLN Telecom’s Group Chief Executive Officer, Christian Nellemann commented: "We are delighted to offer best value mobile phone services to complement those we already provide for landline calls and broadband. For too long SMEs have been forced to pay over the top for mobile services they just do not need or particularly want. By designing mobile tariffs based around what our business land-line customers say they actually need, we are now able to completely shake-up the market in this sector."