Thursday, 12 November 2009

Telecom hots up wholesale market – New Zealand

The MVNO market in New Zealand is about to step up from its initial probing stage to a full blown MVNO market. Both of the country’s MNOs (Telecom NZ and Vodafone) have opened up their networks to MVNOs and Telecom are about to take it a step further by allowing its CDMA MVNO partner, and others, to soon access their new WCDMA network.

Telecom’s Wholesale General Manager of Marketing, Nick Clarke commented: “Making our WCDMA mobile network available at wholesale is very exciting. It will provide the first opportunity for New Zealand telecommunications retailers to source a full range of the most advanced wholesale solutions from one supplier.”

Current CDMA MVNO, Digital Island’s General Manager, Blair Stewart added, “Telecom’s new mobile network has been very well received and by all accounts is performing brilliantly. To have the opportunity to offer a mobile product of this calibre and capability to our customers nearly a year earlier than expected is excellent news.”

At this stage the quantity of MVNOs each MNO will partner is impossible to tell, but with both MNOs showing a green light for ventures this could result in a race to sign up any feasible and worthwhile offering presented to them (rejecting an MVNO offer could be pushing an asset to their competitor).