Thursday, 22 October 2009

Tchibo mobil – Germany

Sybase 365 announced that it has expanded its existing mCommerce partnership with O2 in Germany, to offer an innovative ‘hybrid’ mobile airtime topup solution. The service was launched last month to subscribers of Tchibo mobil, one of Germany’s leading MVNOs.

Following a one-time registration of bank details, subscribers are able to topup mobile airtime via SMS or the Web, and payment is processed through direct debit to the registered bank account. By sending an SMS with keyword “LOAD” to a dedicated short-code, the airtime is directly added to the subscriber’s mobile device. Topup is equally possible via the Web, through a dedicated customer portal where subscribers can also choose to subscribe to monthly automatic airtime topup on an arbitrary date.

For the hybrid topup solution, Sybase 365 has linked its mCommerce Mobiliser platform and services tightly to the O2 systems. For example with the CRM-System, Sybase 365 handles all transactions and data between the customer portal interface, the bank clearinghouse and the mobile provider. In addition to payment, billing and registration, Sybase 365 offers operations support functionality as well as customised Risk and Limit Management.

Eckart Kurze, Managing Director of Tchibo mobil Germany, commented: “By providing a hybrid solution, we offer our customers greater flexibility and easier access to fast topup possibilities.”

Matthew Talbot, Vice President of mCommerce at Sybase 365, commented: “Mobile Operators and MVNOs require a low-cost, rapid entry topup solution with a high security level. This innovative solution is another milestone in further strengthening the mCommerce movement, by offering solutions that cater both to a subscriber’s increasingly mobile lifestyle, and that increase ARPU and improve customer retention for the Operator.”