Friday, 27 November 2009

Orbitel looks beyond Spain – Europe

After launching service in Spain back in September, Orbitel is looking to expand operations across Europe. The operator is targeting the international calls market and states that they are actively researching how they can take best take advantage of traffic from African immigrants who have settled in Europe.

Iñaki López Pelegrín, Orbitel's Wholesale Head of Sales in Europe commented to Total Telecom: "In the first phase we are focused on traffic we can see moving from Europe back to northern countries in Africa; so Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia, Algeria and Nigeria. We want to collect as much traffic as we can, and also terminate as much traffic as well. We want to find and follow the exodus of the people [into Europe] and logically North Africa is very close."

Orbitel is the managing company of Columbia’s incumbent network. Spain was selected as the testing ground due to it being the first choice of Columbians emigrating to Europe. Now in Europe, Orbitel wants to seize upon related traffic from other territories.