Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Cherry Mobile launches seamless WiFi and GSM switching – Belgium

Mondial Telecom’s MVNO, Cherry Mobile, has signed up to use Comverse’s GSM and WiFi solution. The service works by switching between WiFi hotspots and normal GSM network coverage depending on whether the cheaper to use WiFi facility is available. Comverse’s Netcentrex IP Communications solution makes it so the user’s handset switches between the two technologies seamlessly.

Bernard Noël de Burlin, Chief Executive Officer of Mondial Telecom, said: “Comverse has been a valuable partner in this innovative project by enhancing the intelligence of the network to offer affordable mobile services over a unified network with user transparency. The Comverse Netcentrex hosted service is at the heart of our strategy to innovate into the mobile market and by doing so, become a differentiating mobile service provider. Both our business model and the technical know-how of Comverse were critical success factors for this launch.”

Lionel Chmilewsky, Chief Executive Officer of Netcentrex IP Communications at Comverse also commented: “This innovative technical FMC solution is an excellent example of how IP Communications expands the telecommunications business model. Our hosted IP Communications model, together with the robust, high-quality Comverse Netcentrex solution, lowers the technical and financial risk and the high entry cost for service providers to provide voice services.”