Thursday, 29 October 2009

MTT gets licensed – Russia

According to local sources, MTT has received licensing approval to form a new country wide MVNO. The new service is expected next year but it is still unclear what shape the MVNO will take, specifically whether it will be an MVNE or a direct to consumer operation.

MVNOs are not actually new to Russia but in comparison to the size of the country and the potential market they are massively under represented. The lack of regulatory guidance and a complicated operating environment has made any MVNO activity difficult. To be noted is that not even all of Russia’s big MNOs are active across the entire region as the country is broken down into political regions for which a separate licence is required. As a country too the conditions of operating in one region can be massively different to another in terms of wealth, ethnicity of the local people and at a basic level their living conditions.