Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Megacable suggests MVNO in “the very, very close future” – Mexico

Raymundo Fernandez, General Manager of Megacable has stirred up the market again with interest in a quad-play offer from the company. In a recent conference call he is quoted as saying: "In quadruple play, we are still looking at an MVNO model with one of the actual players. You might find something about that in the near future. The very, very close future."

Without a network partner the intention of becoming an MVNO is no more than an ideal. Companies across the world have discovered that this can be a long process and until an operator decides to open up then there is little choice but and potentially sweeten the deal for the MNO at the cost of the viability of the MVNO.

Fernandez did go on to discuss the potential of Megacable also bidding for its own spectrum. Recent research by The MNO Directory for Q4 2008 found 4 companies already competing in this space. The 4th place MNO with 3.5 million subscribers only held a 4.5% market share in comparison to market heavy weight Telcel, with over 50 millions subscribers.