Friday, 23 October 2009

giffgaff to launch sharing service – United Kingdom

A new MVNO is coming to the UK for December this year. The company’s site refers to itself or possibly their members as ‘giver-taker-talker-makers’. It seems that the service aims to bring people together to share and exchange in an effort to develop a network.

giffgaff will operate over O2’s network and proposes to sell SIM cards online. The MVNO does not intend to offer handsets so members will have to buy one from another retailer or use an existing handset. The unique selling point will be its members’ involvement with how the network operates. Their site states: “You’ll get the opportunity to do loads (if you want to), from designing the marketing to recruiting new members – and we’ll reward you for it.” Members will also be able to “yik, yak and give back”, a form of free credit we believe.

Apparently giffgaff is an old Scottish term for mutual giving, according to giffgaff.