Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Telemore and FatWire team up online – Denmark

Telmore, owned by TDC and operated over TDC’s network but as an MVNO, has signed up to the FatWire Content Server and FatWire Engage to maximise its web audience.

Finn Hessellund, Director of Online Sales for Telmore, commented: "In order to deliver a high-quality online experience for our visitors as efficiently as possible, we needed our non-technical staff to be able to directly create and manage content and targeted campaigns on our website. FatWire gives us the power to make the most of our business and technical resources and to use the web to maximize customer satisfaction, loyalty and eCommerce revenue."

FatWire Software provides Web Experience Management (WEM) solutions that enable organisations to deliver a rich online experience to users and to simplify management of their web presence.