Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Roam Simple launches roaming dual-SIM – Canada

A new roaming MVNO has launched services targeting the North American travelling market and claims to offer a discounted roaming rate up of to 90% less than traditional alternatives.

The service works on unlocked GSM phones and requires a SIM card from Roam Simple. On ordering subscribers receives 2 numbers, 1 for the country they are visiting and the other for an area within North America of their choice.

The service is a pre-pay operation and call charges are billed directly to the subscriber’s registered credit card.

Amin Jadavji, Managing Partner of Roam Simple has stated that the service will attract cost conscious customers looking to make savings when travelling abroad. The unknown factor is how many people will be willing to go to the effort of switching between their SIM and the roaming SIM while travelling and whether or not they will be willing to register for the service.

Also unknown is how much of a discount frequent travellers already receive from alternatives they have already sought, such as purchasing a second mobile in the foreign market. Assuming subscribers are happy with their domestic offering the chances of Roam Simple benefitting from churn would also be a tough challenge for the operation.