Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Lycamobile partners O2 UK for roaming – United Kingdom

Lycamobile has signed with O2 to launch a new pre-pay SIM card offer, the new offering is expected Q409. The MVNO already partners with Orange for its existing operation and the new deal with O2 is not meant to affect this. The move will place Lycamobile into a position of having multiple network partners and may provide them with a stronger contractual position when negotiating terms with Orange and O2. At this stage there is no information as to which deal Lycamobile earns the better rate from and whether the company will equally push each brand.

Milind Kangle, Chief Executive Officer, Lycamobile commented: “We are delighted to announce the signing of this deal with O2. They have demonstrated a dedicated approach to this partnership and our deal will accelerate the success that the Lycamobile brand has already had in the UK. Thanks to the technical architecture Lycamobile has developed, we will be providing an enhanced low-cost, high-quality mobile service to our UK customers.”

Ben Dowd, O2 Business Sales Director, said: “This deal with Lycamobile offers us an exciting opportunity to work in a key growth market with the UK’s leading International MVNO partner.”