Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Gamma launches new dealer service – United Kingdom

Gamma Telecom has launched a new service for its dealers which allows them to retain ‘customer ownership’. Gamma operates over 3’s network and targets the enterprise sector. The new service is known as BrandBuilder. It allows Gamma’s dealers to sell packages to clients and then retain the relationship while Gamma operates the service. The service will allow dealers to pick how much they charge clients and ultimately how much they can make.

Richard Bligh, Marketing Director for Gamma Telecom commented: "Mobile dealers face many challenges where commissions are being cut and businesses are often being funded through cash backs. Add to this the inflexible nature of MNOs with fixed tariffs and minimum ARPU commitments, together with no direct customer ownership, and the situation is very difficult. BrandBuilder offers mobile dealers easy entry into the mobile market as Gamma is able to take care of all the back office and network service tasks."