Sunday, 6 September 2009

FRiENDi Mobile expands out of the capital – Oman

What seems like any other opening ceremony for a shop has marked a step up for FRiENDi Mobile. The MVNO which recently launched services in Oman has now begun its rollout beyond the capital city of Muscat. FRiENDi has opened a store in Sohar 240 km outside of Muscat.

Antti Arponen, Chief Executive Officer of FRiENDi Mobile said: “Outside of Muscat, Sohar is our most important market in terms of size and target audience. The city's fast expansion and increasing number of expatriate workers means that FRiENDi Mobile has a lot to offer the residents of Sohar with our reduced international call rates and competitive local tariffs.”

Sohar has been targeted by the government for economic expansion beyond the country’s oil revenues. It will become a prominent and developing area within Oman and as a result will see an influx of foreign workers to its construction sector, a target group of FRiENDi.