Monday, 3 August 2009

Woolworths launches Everyday Mobile pre-pay offering – Australia

Woolworths are to launch an MVNO over Optus’ network. The launch was expected towards the end of 2008 but was delayed due to technical difficulties marrying up Woolworths’ and Optus’ back office systems. Over a year Woolworths claims that it processes 21,000,000 pre-pay mobile transactions across its 3,000 retail outlets.

Richard Umbers, General Manager of Customer Engagement at Woolworths, said: "Our stores are already a destination for pre-paid mobile users. We also have a well established distribution network of more than 3,000 stores throughout Australia.”

Woolworths Everyday Mobile Manager Alex Cochran, said: “This is a prepaid mobile service with no hidden charges, no caps, no peak, no off-peak rates, and no lock-in contracts. To date, there is only one thing that is consistent with mobiles services in Australia – they all comes with an array of conditions, plans and contracts that are confusing and intimidating for people who just want a simple mobile solution.”

The launch should allow Woolworths to make in roads to the pre-pay market in the same way well known brand such as 7-Eleven and Tesco have done elsewhere. Within Australia Coles supermarket group, Woolworths’ main competitor, are expected to quickly follow Woolworths and launch their own no frills service. The market does not expect the Woolworths venture to aim for the 3G data market.