Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Telepin mobi retires – Poland

Just after its first birthday Mediatel has decided to pull the plug on its MVNO, which only launched back in July 2008. The MVNO, Telepin mobi, managed to win 4,000 subscribers onto its books which is evidently far too small a subscriber base

When published in February The MVNO Directory 2009 counted 12 MVNO operations in Poland with 6 further companies to watch as potential MVNO start ups. The new MNO Directory counts 4 MNOs active in the country hosting a total mobile subscriber base of 42 million as at Q408.

It seems that launching an MVNO in a market with such a high penetration level and so many competitors during a global recession was perhaps the cause of this MVNO’s failure to take off. But this was evident at the time of planning and launching the MVNO. The plan was to target the immigrant community living in Poland, but from outside of Poland this too seemed strange since the overall trend has been Polish people emigrating to find work elsewhere in the EU rather than foreigners immigrating into Poland.

The service will now go into a wind down phase where no new business will be taken on and the existing 4,000 customers will be processed until they become individual loss makers for the operator at which point they will be cut off.