Friday, 14 August 2009

Talkmobile alters pay as you go plans – United Kingdom

British MVNO Talkmobile, which is owned by mobile retailer The Carphone Warehouse, has announced that it has altered its pay as you go line-up.

Talkmobile will discontinue its pre-existing World and Prepay plans and introduce a single plan called simply, Pay as You Go.

Talkmobile customers on the new Pay as You Go tariff will be charged GBP 0.20 (USD 0.33) a minute to call landlines and mobiles and GBP 0.10 (USD 0.16) per text message. Talkmobile has also imposed a minimum call charge of GBP 0.20 (USD 0.33). Mobile data will be charged at GBP 0.30 (USD 0.49) a day, up to a maximum of 25 MB, with every further megabyte of data costing GBP 1 (USD 1.64).

Pay as You Go will also offer two add-ons, Textmania and Globetalker. Textmania gives customers unlimited texts for 7 days when they top-up with GBP 5 (USD 8.19), 14 days of unlimited texts for GBP 10 (USD 16.37), 21 days unlimited texts for GBP 15 (USD 24.56) and 30 days unlimited texts for GBP 20 (USD 32.75).

Globetalker will give customers 100 free international minutes for GBP 10 (USD 16.37), 200 minutes for GBP 15 (USD 24.56), 300 minutes for GBP 20 (USD 32.75), 400 minutes for GBP 40 (USD 65.47) and 500 minutes for GBP 50 (81.86).