Wednesday, 12 August 2009

NRJ Mobile unveils new Mini plan – France

French MVNO NRJ Mobile, which uses the Orange France network, will add a new low cost, low usage plan called the Mini to its offering.

C le Mobile Mini will join C le Mobile Premier and Classique as subscription options currently available on NRJ Mobile, a joint venture between NRJ Group and Credit Mutuel-CIC. C le Mobile Mini will seek to attract light and infrequent mobile users by charging customers EUR 10 (USD 8.24) a month for 15 minutes and 10 text messages and EUR 15 (USD 12.36) for 15 minutes and 10 text messages. Both variants will be subject to a 24 month contract, or they can be shortened to a 12 month contract period by adding EUR 4 (USD 3.30) to the 24 month price.

Calls made outside of the standard allowance will be charged at EUR 0.35 (USD 0.29) a minute and EUR 0.10 (USD 0.08) per text message.

NRJ Mobile customers over the age of 60 will be able to get assistance with using their mobile at participating Credit Mutuel bank branches.