Thursday, 27 August 2009

GreatCall moves Jitterbug to Verizon – USA

Reportedly trading at a profit, GreatCall is moving its mobile operation away from its various CDMA partners onto just Verizon’s network. The move will apparently mean that GreatCall will be able to provide its subscriber base with more minutes at a better rate than before, presumably due to bulk buy rates from working with one network compared to many.

Greatcall, Chief Executive Officer, David Inns commenting on the move said: “Our customers are still going to enjoy the great handsets that we worked with Samsung to create, the same great customer service we have come to be known for, hands-on live customer service.”

The service is aimed at the keep it simple market who have no requirement or want for technical handsets full of applications, m-content and software. The phones have big buttons, simple menus and come without contract and a 30 day money back guarantee. Jitterbug, GreatCall’s MVNO, really does target those who are looking just for the features of a fixed line service but with the mobility of a mobile phone.