Monday, 31 August 2009

AT&T interested in own MVNO – India

The Hindu Times has reported that AT&T has shown interest in starting its own MVNO in India. AT&T has reportedly spoken with multiple MNOs across the country and is now only waiting on regulatory approval / advice before moving forward.

V.S. Gopinath, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of AT&T Global Network Services India is quoted stating: “We would be very interested anywhere in the world to pursue MVNO options because of client demand.”

The Indian mobile market could soon come alive with MVNO activity but a country wide MVNO may be more difficult to build due to infrastructure limitations with too much demand being placed on the existing base station network. MNOs in India are keen to not see their ARPU levels fall which has been the case in other countries when MVNOs have launched. At this stage a price war is unlikely to help Indian mobile consumers since their service levels are likely to fall as a result, especially within the more rural calling circles which the country is divided into.