Thursday, 2 July 2009

Virgin Mobile rumoured to want 4th 3G licence – France

Speculatione has once again linked French MVNO Virgin Mobile with telecommunications company Numericable over a joint bid for the 4th French 3G spectrum licence. Virgin Mobile insists that it is still in talks with Numericable and no decision has been made.

Addressing a telecommunications conference Virgin Mobile Secretary General Philippe Maugest was reported as saying: "We are looking at the dossier. We are looking at it very closely ... We are looking at it in a very favourable manner."

He added that he thought the price was ‘relevant and fair’ but remained guarded about whether a deal had been done with Numericable by announcing that Virgin Mobile France has been ‘holding takes with quite a few people in France and abroad’.

French telecommunications regulator ARCEP is expected to issue the recently revalued licence by January 2010 with at least two candidates being shortlisted and ultimately chosen from. The price is up from EUR 206,000,000 (USD 286,000,000) to a suggested EUR 240,000,000 (USD 334,000,000).