Thursday, 9 July 2009

TracFone Wireless extends SafeLink Wireless programme – USA

US MVNO TracFone Wireless has expanded its government backed SafeLink Wireless programme to 600,000 eligible low-income households in the state of Alabama.

SafeLink Wireless gives eligible households a free handset, access to emergency services and 68 free minutes a month for one year. Customers can also augment their free minutes with top up cards (USD 3 for 15 minutes or USD 10 for 50 minutes) once their 68 free minute initial complement has been used up.

To be eligible for the programme a household must be in receipt of some type of governmental assistance, such as food stamps or federal supplementary security income for example.

According to Jose Fuentes, Director of Government Relations for TracFone Wireless, the introduction of the SafeLink Wireless service took months of planning, overcoming logistical issues and negotiations with state regulators to eventually come to fruition. Commenting on the service introduction Fuentes said: "We are offering these participants the opportunity to have the same access and privileges many individuals take for granted when it comes to using cell phones.”

In addition to the latest expansion in Alabama SafeLink Wireless has recently been rolled out by TracFone Wireless in parts of New York, Detroit and Michigan.