Monday, 6 July 2009

TelstraClear returns to Vodafone – Australia

Australian MVNO TelstraClear will switch networks from Telecom back to previous MNO partner Vodafone, it has been revealed. It is expected that the change will take place before Christmas 2009.

A spokesman for TelstraClear outlined the main reason for the announcement saying: "Telecom was unable to provide complete and timely access to its XT network forcing TelstraClear to look at other options.”

Chief Executive Officer of TelstraClear Allan Freeth commented on the move saying: “TelstraClear is now in a position to compete aggressively in the mobile broadband market.

“Our agreement [with Vodafone] ensures TelstraClear will have total control over our plans, handset range, customer base and international roaming is assured.”

TelstraClear originally split from Vodafone back in June 2007 after the MNO disagreed with TelstraClear’s decision to attempt to build its own network.

TelstraClear customers will need a 3G handset to access the Vodafone network, although the MVNO has said it will carry on supporting customers using its CDMA service for ‘the foreseeable future’.