Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Sonim’s tough phone available on Tesco Mobile, plus new stores – United Kingdom

In the hope that they can make a market for phones which can cope with being dropped, bashed and generally badly treated by subscribers, Tesco Mobile has launched Sonim’s tough handset in store. The phone is called the Land Rover S1, so called as it is reportedly as tough as a Land Rover vehicle.

Lance Batchelor, Chief Executive Officer of Tesco Mobile, commented: “It’s the first phone in the world to be as tough as a Land Rover and is the world’s only IP67 military-rated GSM mobile phone – making it resistant to humidity, dust, shock, salt and heat.”

Lance went on to point out that the phone would even survive being dropped in a public toilet.

The phone has a 1500 hour standby time, 2 metre drop resistance onto concrete from any angle, temperature resistance from -20 to 55 degrees celcius, 100db speakers (great for use on public transport), 2 megapixel camera and all the other features you would expect.

The company is also venturing into opening stand alone own brand telecoms stores outside of its supermarkets with a target of 2 new stores per week in the run up to Christmas.