Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Amazon’s Kindle to cross the Atlantic – United Kingdom, Europe

Amazon’s Kindle is coming to Europe after its successful roll out in the US. Speculation is that Kindle will be launched within the UK by Christmas in time for the gift buying and giving season. The Kindle product is an electronic wireless device which allows users to download electronic books over a mobile phone network. Currently the US service does not function as a typical network too whereby subscribers could text and talk to each other, instead the service focuses only on the eBooks.

Amazon has commented: "We have previously announced that we are looking to release the Kindle with our international customers. At the moment we have no timeline." Mobile Today reports that Amazon has outsourced manufacturing for Kindle in the UK to Qualcomm, including the management of the MVNO. Negotiations for which MNO Kindle will operate over are still ongoing.

Cellular News reports that both Orange and Vodafone are working on their own eBook ventures. This leaves T-Mobile, 3 and O2 as remaining potential partners. Recently 3 have been ramping up their efforts within the MVNO market with a specific interest in data operations and could be the front runner to host Kindle UK.