Saturday, 13 June 2009

Virgin Mobile introduces prepaid mobile broadband – USA

Virgin Mobile USA has announced that it will begin offering prepaid mobile broadband to its customers; under the moniker Broadband2Go. Virgin Mobile is hoping to launch the new service by the end of June.

Broadband2Go will make use of Sprint’s 3G network and customers will be required to purchase a Novatel Wireless MC760 USB modem to connect to the service which is expected to go on sale to coincide with the launch.

Customers will not have to sign-up to any lengthy contracts or incur any activation fees. Instead Broadband2Go will offer 10 days of broadband with a 100 MB data cap for USD 10, thirty days usage and a 250 MB cap for USD 20 and finally thirty days usage with a 600 MB data cap for USD 40; there will also be a thirty day usage period with a 1 GB data cap for USD 60. When connected to the network customers will be able to check and monitor their data usage, with automatic reminders to top-up scheduled to appear when they near the data cap threshold.

Virgin Mobile USA Chief Marketing Officer Bob Stohrer announced Broadband2Go saying: “Forget the long-term contracts, monthly bills or desperately seeking a local coffee shop for Wi-Fi. Prepaid mobile broadband is ideal for students, families on the go, freelancers, anyone who needs wireless Internet access and wants to pay only when they use it.”