Thursday, 11 June 2009

Virgin Mobile introduces ‘Paradyse’ contract plans – France

Virgin Mobile France has introduced a new range of contract plans for its customers available between 17 June and 31 July. Under the plans, customers will be offered unlimited messaging, calls and Internet access. There are several plans for subscribers available under the scheme.

The Paradyse range includes a contractual plan that allows 1 hour of calls plus unlimited SMS, e-mail and messenger at the cost of EUR 22.90 (USD 32.18) per month on a one-year contract or EUR 19.90 (USD 27.97) per month on a two-year contractual basis. The similar plan is also available with 3 hours of airtime, which costs EUR 27.90 (USD 39.21) or EUR 32.90 (USD 46.24) (as per the duration of contract).

Virgin’s new range also includes plans that offer unlimited calls to five numbers on any network, unlimited SMS, Internet access, e-mail and Messenger. The plan costs EUR 31.90 (USD 44.83) per month with 2 hours of call time (EUR 34.90 (USD 49.05) on a one-year contract) and EUR 42.90 (USD 60.29) with 4 hours of call time (EUR 47.90 (USD 67.32) for one year).

Another major offer in Virgin’s pool is a fully unlimited option, which is available with the price tag of EUR 89 (USD 125.08) per month with no contract or handset, followed by EUR 99 (USD 139.13) on a two-year contract with a subsidised phone, or EUR 109 (USD 153.19) on a one-year contract with phone. The plan allows subscribers to call or send SMS to 99 different individuals every month with the maximum call length of 3 hours.