Monday, 15 June 2009

Tesco Mobile wins credit crunch honour – UK

Tesco Mobile, which is a joint venture between supermarket chain Tesco and MNO O2, has won the special ‘Credit Crunch Award’ at the Mobile Industry Awards 2009. The award is given to the company which demonstrates that it had delivered: ‘most outstanding value, value that resonates with customers and clear communication.’

MVNOs were well represented in the ‘credit crunch’ category, with nominations also being given to Lebara Mobile and Lycamobile. As well as beating the other MVNOs in the category Tesco Mobile bested T-Mobile and Carphone Warehouse for the award.

Judges in the category made special mention of Tesco Mobile’s ‘triple your credit’ deal with one member of the panel saying: "It is so simple to understand, and especially with so many offers available, this is something that immediately pulls me in.”

Commenting on the award a Tesco spokesman said: "This is an excellent achievement by the whole team, of which we should all be every proud. It goes to show what can happen when we put excellent customer insight together with fantastic execution."