Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Talkmobile introduces new tariffs – UK

British MVNO Talkmobile, which is owned by mobile retailer The Carphone Warehouse and uses the Vodafone network, has announced the introduction of a range of new SIM-only tariffs.

The rolling SIM-only tariffs will cost GBP 7.50 (USD 12.25), GBP 10 (USD 16.33) and GBP 12.50 (USD 20.42) a month respectively. The GBP 7.50 tariff will either come with 100 minutes and 100 text messages or 50 minutes and 300 texts, the GBP 10 tariff comes with either 200 minutes and 200 texts or 100 minutes and 600 texts and the GBP 12.50 tariff comes replete with 300 minutes and 300 texts or 150 minutes and unlimited texts. These new SIM-only tariffs will also come with free voicemail and unlimited mobile data for GBP 0.30 (US D 0.49) a day.

Talkmobile will also offer a handset upgrade, incurring a GBP 0.99 surcharge, taking the total price per month to GBP 8.49 (USD 13.85) in the case of the GBP 7.50 tariff. Handsets available with the 99p extra charge includes the LG Cookie, Nokia 6303, Samsung S3500 and the Sony Ericsson W302. If a handset is taken then customers will be tied-in to a 24 month contract.

Recently appointed Managing Director of Talkmobile, Paul Layte, commented on the new SIM-only tariffs saying: "SIM-only represents a kind of holding pattern for customers, looking for good value in the interim, between handset upgrades. But the SIM-only market cannot exist indefinitely. In these times, it is a great way for customers to save money in the shorter term. With these 99p upgrades, we are offering customers a way to get a great new handset at a good price, with a quality service that affords the kinds of extras usually available at a higher price point."