Thursday, 18 June 2009

SmartyCard and Kajeet contra on mobile phone privileges – USA

SmartyCard has announced a strategic partnership with kajeet. Starting today, tweens can unlock and redeem SmartyCard points for kajeet's popular pay-as-you-go mobile phones from the SmartyCard catalogue of real and virtual rewards.

Chris Carvalho, General Manager, SmartyCard, said: "Everyday, we talk to another family that wants to provide incentive phone privileges utilizing SmartyCard's learn-stuff-earn-stuff approach. Both SmartyCard and kajeet are designed to provide family friendly services to tweens while ensuring just the right amount of parental controls and safety. This is just another example of SmartyCard helping parents reinforce the universal values of hard work and goal achievement while at the same time providing ample motivation for children to learn by providing a highly sought after reward."

kajeet is mobile phone service designed specifically for kids and their families. The kajeet pay-as-you-go service has no contracts, no activation fees, and no termination fees. SmartyCard provides real and virtual rewards to tens of millions of families that believe learning at home can be fun and rewarding.