Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Kroger users to gain free wireless minutes – USA

Kroger, a leading food chain, is planning to collaborate with i-wireless to provide a promotional offer to KrogerPlus customers. The national promotion will enable KrogerPlus grocery card users to receive free airtime minutes on i-wireless phones sold at Kroger stores.

Under the scheme, customers will receive 20 free minutes for every USD 100 they spend a month using the grocery card. However, the scheme will come with an upper limit of USD 1,500 in a month. Customers who hold a branded MasterCard with company will benefit more by receiving 30 minutes of airtime for every USD 100 spent, instead of 20 minutes. The scheme is available at Kroger's stores across 31 states.

To add confusion there are two “I Wireless” services operational in the USA. The first is i wireless (http://www.iwireless.com) which is a T-Mobile affiliate. The second, being the one this story refers to is i-wireless (https://www.iwirelesshome.com), note the hyphen. The i-wireless services operates over Sprint’s network on a nationwide basis retailing in 2,200 retail locations within the Kroger family of stores across 31 states. Kroger is a minor shareholder in i-wireless.

Paul McAleese, Chief Executive Office for i-wireless stated: "This is certainly a value story in the midst of this economic downturn." Paul started the company 4 years ago after leaving Cincinnati Bell as the Chief Marketing Officer.