Monday, 22 June 2009

FRiENDi mobile now on sale in 800 locations – Oman

FRiENDi mobile can now be purchased at 800 locations throughout Oman, a massive increase on their initial launch. Currently new subscribers also benefit from 100 free messages and 100 minutes when signing up for their new starter pack.

Antti Arponen, Chief Executive Officer of FRiENDi mobile, said: “Our City Centre outlet is eye-catching, fun and fully functional as a FRiENDi mobile branch. FRiENDi mobile staff is friendly and fully trained, and welcome all nationalities with a smile. We have a great offer for Starter Pack, and the outlet also sells recharge cards in all denominations.”

FRiENDi mobile is a new mobile brand for Oman focusing on people with family or loved ones abroad. FRiENDi Oman is a private Omani company, owned by prominent Omani business groups and the international telecommunications company FRiENDi GROUP that has its headquarters in Dubai, UAE. The operation went live in Oman during April this year.