Monday, 8 June 2009

Auchan Telecom introduces new mobile Internet charges – France

According to Echos du Net, French MVNO Auchan Telecom has introduced a new price list for its Hyper@ mobile Internet service. The company has dropped its EUR 45 (USD 62.88) and EUR 75 (USD 104.80) top-ups. As per the new price list, EUR 7 (USD 9.78) top-up will now offer 1 hour or 200 MB of data transfer, as compared to 1 hour or 10 MB previously.

Similarly, the EUR 15 (USD 20.96) and EUR 25 (USD 34.93) top-ups have been increased to 3 hours or 600 MB and 8 hours or 1 GB from their earlier 2.5 hours or 25 MB and 5 hours or 50 MB, respectively.

Auchan Telecom has also improved pricing for its contract customers by replacing its EUR 10 (USD 13.97) and EUR 20 (USD 27.94) monthly subscription plans. The new schemes include 2 hours or 200 MB capped plan at EUR 9.90 (USD 13.83) per month and a EUR 29.90 (USD 41.78) plan with unlimited time online and 2 GB of data transfer.

The company offers services using Bouygues Telecom’s EDGE/3G network.